Kyle and Hiwot's Wedding


Scott Reitan's CD

Chris' Photos

Saturday Morning- Downtown Breckenridge (8)

Saturday afternoon- Pre-wedding Group shots (54) [NOTE: I did not try to duplicate what the official wedding photographer, and to some extent what Scott, was shooting. Rather I tried to take closer-in shoots]

Saturday afternoon- Pre-Wedding, Wedding, and Pre-dinner Party (20)

Saturday afternoon- More Pre-dinner, dinner, Post dinner- and dance pictures (47) [NOTE: These photos are far from print quality- to be used only for remembering the event! I attempted to do something new: take pictures indoors in poor light with a telephoto lens - which by definition needs more light- and without a flash. This can be done using a very high ISO speed - remember the old days with film cameras- you had to choose between a 200 or a 400ASA. I was using the digital equivalent of 6400 ASA! The downside is that pictures taken at this very fast speed tend of have a lot of "noise"- or graininess. Mild graininess can be fixed in post-processing. But I found out that my camera is simply not good enough to process camera???  :-)  So, sorry.] 

Sunday morning- Hike near the Dredge (10)

Sunday morning- Newlyweds visit (15)