$15.00 for STANDARD- $10 for SEEDED (no Second Chance Pool in SEEDED). Enter as many times as you like. Forms will be available at www.Gradygroup.com/NCAA on late SUNDAY, March 11, 2012.


2 Divisions: Standard Scoring and Seeded Scoring


Standard Scoring: To get point for Standard scoring, player must correctly pick a team to win a certain game. Points are then awarded based on the points awarded for that round: First round (1point), second round (2 points), Regional ( 4 points), Semifinals ( 8 points), Finals 16 points), and Championship (32 points). This game awards most points for picking the ultimate winner. Highest total points wins!

 Seeded Scoring: Points awarded on a Seed# times Round Number (Seed 10 in round 3= 30 points). This game favors those who can pick the most early round upsets. Highest total points wins!

Tie Breaker: The total of the scores for both final teams will be added together. The person closed to the actual total, without going over, will be the winner. If a second tie breaker is needed, player who picks most teams in the final four. If there is still a tie, then pot will be split between the two contestants.

SECOND CHANCE Pool- STANDARD ONLY: When the Sweet 16 is determined, everyone who paid $15 will get to enter another pool, the SECOND CHANCE POOL- winner will take the entire pot!. Entries will be handled the same way-over the Internet. This time, of course, the pool will have only 16 entries. This will be a separate pool and will in no way relate to the first pool. Tie breaker will also be total points of both games without going over. While the total SECOND CHANCE pool dollars will be smaller, it still gives everyone hope!

How it works:  Entries can be submitted only over this web page. Follow link to either Standard or Seeded from the Main web page then fill out and submit the entry form. You will receive a confirmation that form was received. BUT, form will not be entered until your $15.00/$10.00 entry fee is received. Please mail your checks early-  like NOW (checks will not be cashed until Tourney begins). All checks must be received by the time the first game begins on Thursday.

Any questions: email [chris@gradygroup.com or phone: (206) 660-8742]


Good luck!